Wooden entrance doors

Entrance door - an attribute for each house is required. It is impossible to do without it, but keep in mind that only the right choice of protection from the outside world will provide you with an adequate level of security, not at the expense of aesthetics. This article will discuss the wooden doors.

All entrance doors are designed for buildings of certain categories. Among them are private houses and cottages, large residential buildings, apartments. Naturally, for the entrance structures for apartments, the requirements for thermal and sound protection parameters will be relatively low, and in large apartment buildings, on the contrary, high. When choosing and installing this or that model, do not forget that it will be designed not only to decorate your home and fulfill the safety function, in fires and other emergencies it should not interfere with the evacuation. Today, the service of making entrance doors on request is in great demand: you can make an ideal design in your understanding and decorate it with decorative panels, just do not forget about performance.

Of all the options available, you decided to dwell on wooden doors, and not on profile or steel doors? In this case, there is no need to talk about increased anti-vandal protective measures, but it will turn out beautifully and stylishly. Most often, a tree is placed at the entrances to apartments and in private houses, especially with protected areas. These doors are glazed and deaf, single or single, natural color or painted, with or without transoms. There is a separate class of wooden doors for special purposes - protective and fire. Such structures are more expensive than usual ones, but they also meet the requirements of much higher ones. If desired, in the carpentry workshop you can order any design design of the entrance structure or make modifications to the product you have already purchased.

We draw your attention to the fact that high-quality wooden entrance doors must have:

  • seals;
  • resistant exterior finish;
  • threshold;
  • gain.

Mailboxes can be ordered - the piece is very convenient for private houses. The performance indicators of the door will noticeably improve if you organize a special visor over it.In the event that the basic insulation during operation is not enough, it is worth it to modify it yourself or in a professional company. The result will please you with durability, reliability, environmental friendliness and low weight.

The market presents the entrance wooden doors of domestic and foreign production in different price categories. A good choice is to order products from the manufacturer.